Mexican Food With a Twist, Café Corazon, Comes to Mequon Public Market at Spur 16

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Cindy Shaffer
Shaffer Development LLC

Mequon, WI – In addition to Beans & Barley, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. and Purple Door, Mequon based Shaffer Development announced today that Corazón Cafe will also join Mequon Public Market at Spur 16. Influenced by the food scene in San Fransisco, owners George and Wendy Mireles knew they wanted to open a restaurant together when they moved to Milwaukee. In 2009, they opened Café Corazon in Riverwest. George bartended and cooked while Wendy worked as the only waitress. Initially housing six tables and nine bar seats, they could not have imagined what their business would become. Customers started to report craving their specials, such as the salmon tacos, and the menu grew to accommodate growing demand. As the number of glowing reviews increased, it was clear that more space would be needed. George built an enclosed sun room and outdoor patio, both of which resulted in Café Corazon winning the Mayors Choice Award for outdoor seating in Riverwest.

A second Café Corazon opened on the weekend of Valentine’s Day in 2016. George was passionate about bringing his food to Bay View as this is where he attended high school. Wendy and George now have eighty employees, all of which receive health care, dental and a 401 K plan.

In accordance with their commitment to community, Wendy and George have always stood by restaurant supported agriculture. Wendy’s parents own a farm which supplies Café Corazon’s beef, and they have been able to provide fresh seasonal produce from their garden. An urban garden was recently added to their Riverwest location. They also aim to reduce their carbon footprint and were one of the first in a group of restaurants to begin composting. Consequently, Café Corazon, one of few Mexican restaurants to open in Mequon, stands out as a farm to table establishment with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Wendy stated "We are very excited to have been invited to be part of the Mequon Public Market and believe this project is going to be so great for the community."

Mequon Public Market at Spur 16 is located at 6300 West Mequon Road and will be next door to the recently announced St. Paul Seafood Company who is also part of the Spur 16 Development. St. Paul Fish Co. will have a fish market, oyster bar and sit-down restaurant. The Mequon Public Market at Spur 16 will have approximately 10 vendors. Jenni Vetter, Chief Operating Officer at Shaffer Development, is excited about the variety of options Mequon Public Market will offer to the community. She stated, "I am so excited about the incredible group of restaurants that have come together to be a part of the Mequon Public Market at Spur 16! Café Corazon is the perfect addition to this group and our community. The Market is now 100% committed for all available spaces within the 10,000SF of this historic building. Each restaurant represents the best of what the Milwaukee food scene has to offer. I’m so happy to be a part of bringing these businesses to the North Shore."

According to Cindy Shaffer, owner of Shaffer Development LLC, construction is well underway on the project. We are planning to open the commercial buildings in the fall of this year. Ten town homes will be completed in January of 2019, and 146 apartments in three buildings will be completed in the spring and summer of 2019. She states, "We have had a great response to people wanting to live at Spur 16. We have already reserved a number of townhomes and apartments. Not only is the location of Spur 16 desirable, but people are finding it is actually cheaper to rent than own. Freeing up and investing the cash they have in their homes, as well as tax and maintenance cost savings, has motivated people to rent. There are no condo boards to deal with, and renting gives tenants increased flexibility to travel and enjoy their new freedom." Spur 16 is offering a host of services that include meal delivery from the market, pet walking, package delivery, grocery shopping, cleaning and smart units that will enable tenants to control lights, temperature, music and emergency services. Cindy added, "We have trademarked the term “smart unit” and are excited to introduce this concept. Our pool and club house will serve as a gathering space with a community kitchen and event area. There also will be community bikes so that our residents and guests can take advantage of the Ozaukee Interurban trail adjacent to Spur 16." Spur 16 is currently taking reservations and is anticipating a fast lease up. This will be a great place to call home!